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Welcome to the Tair Libenu Modiin Project !

Modiin Recreational Center

To foster physio and fun in an informally assisted environment for children with special needs.

After many years of experience with Tair, our daughter and granddaughter, we have found that despite the wonderful services available from various sources  there is a need for a facilitated recreational program where children with special needs can play with friends and siblings and spend more than the 20-30 minutes allocated to them in therapy sessions, in health promoting activities. Our purpose is to create a Recreational Community Center for Children with Special Needs, where, in a relaxed environment, they can invite friends and family members to share in the fun and at the same time facilitate their health. 

In addition to more space and time for recreation, we would also like to include both formal and informal therapeutic sessions and group activities for small groups of children with similar needs, such as a choir, music, movement to music/children's yoga. We are open to your suggestions! We hope to provide a forum for support groups and seminars for parents, with a library for both story time, and parent child game time. 

The municipality of Modiin via newly established Keren Modiin  has enthusiatically adopted this project !
An area adjacent to the municipal pool has been allocated for the Hydrotherapy Pool and above it the Recreational Therapy Center.
The center will also serve the elderly and adult special needs  during school  hours 
and  soldiers in rehab from Modiin that have been injured during the course of their army service
Modiin has the highest percentage of recruits in Israel !
  • Social integration
  • Family program
  • Physio Fun
  • Self motivation and empowerment
  • Educational and resource center


  • Self regulated- child decides how much time to devote to an activity and what he /she would like to do 
  • Sharing therapeutic space/ time /activity /special attention with siblings often “neglected” due to the substantial attention demanded by special needs children in the family forum
  • Facilitated quality family time - having fun and working out together
  • Fostering friendships with peers for children who due to their physical handicaps are socially isolated or neglected
  • Life skills training, 
  • Vocational training


  • Hydrotherapy pool
  • Gym- bikes, treadmill
  • Play/game room/music room
  • Seminar room/ movement therapy  room
  • Resource Center/Therapeutic Library/ light therapy equipment lending
  • Gymboree indoor/outdoor
  • Accessible Park

  • Family Programs and Therapy
  • Music & Movement Group Therapy based on Feldenkrais, ChildSpace, Shiatsu, Yoga, 
  • Educational Center : parents and aides: para-therapeutic training

  • Big brother/sister program with youth/children from complementary special needs backgrounds where one group supports the other- eg the semi-blind help with kids who are paralyzed 
  • Community events sponsored /assisted by special needs youth for the community:
  • Adopt a family program

If this project sounds exciting to you please join us !!
We are currently in need of volunteers to recruit funding from various sources: government, foundations, and the private sector.

For further information and donations* please contact:
Hilary Shmeeda +972547830290

* working with Shviley Ofek and the Central Fund of Israel we have tax exemption status in both Israel and the USA.